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I want to open a carton packing factory. What equipment do I need

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1. Printing machine: it can be semi-automatic, manual and full-automatic printing machine

2. Forming equipment: box nailing machine and box gluing machine, also divided into full-automatic and semi-automatic

3. Laminating machine: cover a layer of transparent plastic film on the carton


P> cut the paperboard into the required size of the machine

5. Manual version of glue machine and covering machine

6. Paper feeder, front desk paper feeding of printing machine, equivalent to full-automatic paper feeding, faster than manual feeding

7. There are other equipment: such as die-cutting machine, which can produce special-shaped cartons or small cartons with high processing accuracy

extended data

classification of carton packaging

1. Wrapped corrugated box

wrapped corrugated box is somewhat similar to 0210 box. The difference is that the corrugated direction of 0210 box is parallel to the width of blank paperboard, while the corrugated direction of wrapped corrugated box is parallel to the length of paperboard; The 0210 box joint is connected to the main box surface, while the wrapped carton is connected to the side box surface; The indentation lines of the inner and outer swing covers of the 0210 box are in a straight line, while the rolled box is different

2. Split carton

split carton can be divided into two or more in the circulation process, which mainly solves the contradiction between mass production and small batch sales

on the basis of the traditional standard carton, the small carton can be combined with various auxiliary materials, or a new forming method can be adopted

3. Triangular column corrugated box

triangular column corrugated box is formed by one sheet of box and corner lining. The four corners of corrugated box form triangular column or right angle column structure, so as to improve the compressive strength by 20% – 50%

I think I can answer your question
then I’m a carton machine
Tianyu printing machinery, with more than ten years of credibility, is trustworthy
free training, one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance

1 the machinery needed to set up a basic carton factory is as follows:
3 printing press: whether it is semi-automatic, manual or full-automatic printing press
9 of course, the price is manual. In terms of two-color, manual should be less than 50000 yuan and
6 automatic should be about 100000 yuan. The price of full-automatic is not what a new factory without background can demand

5 forming equipment: box nailing machine and box gluing machine are also divided into full-automatic and semi-automatic
1 in terms of price, the nailing machine is relatively cheap. The 1200 model is about 4000-5000 yuan, which is priced according to the production cost of the same manufacturer. However, the speed is not as fast as the box gluing machine. The box gluing machine is more expensive, which is several times the price of the box nailing machine
4. It is generally used for more exquisite packaging

6 there are other equipment: such as die-cutting machine, which can produce special-shaped cartons or small cartons with high processing accuracy
the laminating machine covers corrugated paper with a layer of color surface. Most small carton factories buy color surface processing in color printing plants
6 laminating machine, which coats a layer of transparent plastic film on the carton
paper separator and thin knife machine: cut the incoming paperboard into the required paperboard size
plum glue machine, manual version of overlaying machine
the paper feeding machine first and the front desk of the printing machine feed paper, which is equivalent to full-automatic paper feeding, which is faster than manual feeding

other equipment will not be introduced one by one. I hope I can help you

according to our experience,
if you are not 100% confident in business, please get some business first and then decide to start the factory
there is a certain amount of working capital, because not every manufacturer receives payment very quickly
there are workplaces for stacking raw materials, finished products and production land
there are printing technicians. Good technicians can greatly improve work efficiency, plate pasting speed and paper feeding speed, as well as the most important printing quality (of course, when the machinery is OK)

I have specific contact information and other introductions in my space

go to Baidu app to view

 Hello! Opening a packing box processing plant requires 

1。 Beer machine, 930 * 660, second-hand 12000, new 30000. More than 40000 new ones are fully opened, and those that are super fully opened are more expensive than 70000 and more than 100000. And a fully automatic one or two million

 ask questions 

2。 Glue mounting machine, thousands of pieces manually, more than 100000 automatic domestic machines 

 ask questions 

3。 Booker, about 5000

 ask questions 

4。 Box gluing machine, about 50000, can also stick boxes manually

 ask questions 

 also, whether the color surface is printed by ourselves or processed externally. For self printing, we need a printing machine to make color boxes. Generally, we use second-hand imported machines, about 5.6 million, and a copying machine


 therefore, you'd better look at your own business structure and find an experienced master to give you advice. To be honest, 500000 can start, but the specification is relatively small, it's hard to do, and doing well is inversely proportional to working well. I wish you success

10 more

there are several types of carton packaging plants. 1: make cardboard from raw paper and then make cartons. 2: buy finished cardboard and only do subsequent processing
if you want to choose 1, the capital will increase a lot. The quality of things produced by single-sided machine is not high It is necessary to purchase a paperboard production line (the business volume of such a factory must be guaranteed to be more than 3 million per month in order to maintain the principal)
when you mentioned the film, you should also want to produce color printing products. The price of 4-color printing machine (Heidelberg) is not small, more than 500W. Hehe ~ ~
about capital, I don’t know how large you want and what equipment you need, so it’s hard to say. You can refer to one working capital: if your monthly business volume is 100W, your working capital is 350W, and so on

we need a printing slotting machine, a thin knife paper separator, a foot cutter and two nail box machines
other equipment is basically unnecessary.

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