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How to judge whether CPU is true or false?

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five moves and four points: note that the current processor market is still full of new products. Intel’s processors with Presler and ceder mill cores have been listed one after another, and AMD’s Haolong series has also begun to enter ordinary homes. Consumers undoubtedly have many more choices. However, the “JS” in the computer city are also ready to move. In a complete machine, the price of the processor is relatively transparent, “JS” wants to make more profits from it, so it can only make huge profits by selling fake products. This is the reason why the wild fire of CPU fakes cannot be exhausted. 1、 To explore the root causes of processor counterfeits, CPU manufacturers are to blame. At present, there are many types of CPU counterfeits in the accessories market. In addition to the familiar whiteboard and remark, amd also has the so-called engineering sample version, which makes it impossible for general consumers to prevent. Most of the root causes of fake goods are still due to CPU manufacturers. The first type of eyes: look at the packaging to identify the true and false. JS uses the packaging to steal the dragon and turn the Phoenix is a common method, which mainly appears on Intel’s CPU. The difference between Intel boxed processor and bulk processor lies in the three-year warranty, and the price varies from tens to hundreds of yuan. Of course, amd boxes are full of fake goods, especially the flash dragon 2500 + and E6 3000 +. Due to the limited craft production level of illegal businessmen, although fake packaging has become a small-scale industry, it is still impossible to meet the standard of genuine packaging box in the printing and production of packaging box. Therefore, we can identify the true and false from the printing of packaging box. Look at the packaging to identify the true and false. Take AMD’s packaging box as an example. There is a label on the unopened packaging box. If there is no label, it must be a fake. This label is also an entry point to identify the authenticity of the packaging box. As can be seen from the figure, the genuine label is engraved with a “cross” shaped cut mark by the machine. After tearing, the label will be damaged and invalid. The fake packaging box also has this label, and also has this “cross” shaped cut mark. However, please note that the “cross” shaped cut mark of genuine products is not connected in the middle, and the length and depth of the cut mark are very uniform, while the label of fake goods is often cut by the counterfeiter himself with a blade. If consumers find that the length of the “cross” shaped cut mark is different, And the middle is connected together, so we can be sure that it has been tampered with. In terms of packaging to identify the true and false Intel, the carton of genuine boxed Intel CPU has bright color, clear and detailed handwriting, and the trace of carton sealing glue is in the shape of continuous dots, with a total of 12 glue spots, which is very hard, and it is pure white after tearing. The printing quality of the packaged processor carton is very poor, and it is gray after tearing. The seal is only coated with a small amount of glue, which is easy to distinguish. The genuine plastic film has the words Intel, which is clear and three-dimensional. The plastic film is very tough and can only be torn apart with force. The plastic film of the fake boxed Intel CPU does not have the word Intel, or even if it has the word Intel, but the handwriting is very shallow and has no three-dimensional sense, so it can basically be regarded as fake. The plastic package in the box has four heat sealing points, and each point has two small dots, which cannot be restored to the original state after being opened. If these four heat sealing points have traces of glue re sticking, it must be the processor of false packaging. The second type of golden eye: look at the number to distinguish between true and false. Look at the number to distinguish between true and false. This method is equally effective for Intel and AMD processors. Each genuine boxed processor has a unique number. This number will be marked on the bar code on the packaging box of the product and the surface of the processor. This number is equivalent to the IMEI code of the mobile phone, If you buy the processor and find that the two numbers are different, you can be sure that the product you buy has been swapped by illegal businessmen. In addition, because the identification of this method is very simple, some JS confuse the eyes with the eyes by pasting a new number on the packaging box. Identification of true and false numbers should also be distinguished from printing. The number bar code of regular products adopts dot matrix inkjet, the handwriting is clear, and it can be clearly seen that the number is composed of “points”. The fake bar code is generally printed, the handwriting is fuzzy and has a sense of adhesion, and the fonts used are also different. If you find that the printing of this bar code is too poor and the handwriting is blurred, you’d better not buy it. The third type: telephone verification this method is mainly aimed at Intel processors. When purchasing, consumers can call the free inquiry telephone 800-820-1100-800 of Intel support center to directly report the product serial number to inquire whether it is a boxed genuine product. Amd users can also check by dialing the agent’s toll free number. The fourth type of golden eye: see whether the fan identifies true or false. This method is mainly for Intel processors. After opening the package of CPU, you can check the anti-counterfeiting label in the middle of the original fan. The anti-counterfeiting label of real Intel box CPU is three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting. In addition to the change of the bottom pattern, there will be three-dimensional “Intel” Peugeot. For the fake box CPU, its anti-counterfeiting logo only has the change of the underlying pattern, without the Peugeot of “Intel”. In addition, the number of fan pages is different. The real Intel cartridge CPU fan has 7 fan pages, and the fan blades are thick and large. The fan blade of the fake box CPU is 11, and the fan blade is very small. In terms of radiator, the heat sink of CPU fan in false box has simple structure, and the fins are made of pure aluminum alloy. The real box CPU heat sink is a copper core heat sink, and the structure is four-way distributed. In terms of AMD processor, some people believe that the true and false can also be distinguished from the fan. Some consumers believe that if the fan is nine leaf, it is a fake. However, according to AMD, since the radiators sold in the mainland market are OEM by different factories, the phenomenon of nine leaf and eleven leaf is normal. The fifth type: look at the anti-counterfeiting label. AMD’s agent label. Intel and AMD’s processors have their own anti-counterfeiting labels. In addition, there are agent’s anti-counterfeiting labels. However, users who buy amd may be a little annoyed. At present, the agents of AMD processors in the formal channels in the mainland market are mainly digital China, Weishi, Weijian international and anfuli. They all have their own anti-counterfeiting marks. Among them, digital China’s anti-counterfeiting marks are the best, which is difficult for ordinary unscrupulous merchants to imitate, It is recommended that consumers buy amd processors from digital China agents. Of course, it does not rule out that sellers in the city raise prices because consumers choose agents. Look at the anti-counterfeiting label look at the anti-counterfeiting label. In AMD’s official anti-counterfeiting label, there is a cube box marked with the word AMD, as shown in the figure. Consumers can observe 1, 2, 3 and 4 dots from different angles, in the order of left, right, up and down. If the label meets this condition, it can prove that it is a real anti-counterfeiting label. Of course, if JS uses the discarded genuine packaging box to package the loose package processor, this method will be broken by itself. Authenticity identification mirror, while Intel
‘s label can be identified by laser anti-counterfeiting sticker. Intel’s genuine box CPU specially adds another layer of identification pattern on the laser anti-counterfeiting sticker. Only when you use the “authenticity discriminator” provided by Intel can you see the patterns like keys inside, but I don’t know where to get this tool. I believe even if the seller has it, it won’t lend it to you. 3、 Looking at the chaos of the processor market and how consumers deal with it, in fact, in addition to some of the fraud methods mentioned above, unscrupulous unscrupulous merchants have emerged one after another in the methods of making and selling fake products, especially good at psychological warfare with consumers in the purchase process, using consumers’ swing psychology and lack of understanding of the processor to deceive consumers to buy products, Then as soon as the money was in the bag, he turned his face and didn’t recognize anyone. As the saying goes, we can’t afford to provoke and hide. As ordinary consumers, in the current market chaos, we can only deal with illegal businessmen by improving our product knowledge as anti-counterfeiting knowledge. Next, the author lists some experiences for you to buy processors. You may wish to refer to when buying: 1. Don’t be greedy for small and cheap. Profiteers in computer city often take advantage of consumers’ psychology of being greedy for small and cheap to give consumers some small advantages and benefits, and severely cut you in the big head. 2. Don’t haggle over every detail. Some consumers may bargain with the seller and enjoy it, but the profit of the seller is certain. When there is no profit after bargaining, and he is unwilling to give up this business, he may be about to give up the cat, replace the genuine goods with fake and inferior goods, and subsidize his original profit. On the surface, it is the consumer who takes advantage of it, but in fact, it is himself who suffers the loss. 3. Stick to your choice. Some unscrupulous merchants often find fault with the configuration you choose and recommend you some products with high value-added profit. In fact, these products have no problem, but they are not suitable for their own things. Buying them is a waste. 4. When buying products, don’t make a decision easily. You can see more and compare more. It’s best to find a friend who is familiar with computer accessories. When encountering the phenomenon of fake goods, don’t escape, have the courage to report to the law enforcement and industrial and commercial departments, and don’t hang up if it doesn’t matter. The proliferation of fake parallel goods is not only due to the non-standard channels of manufacturers, but also the unmanaged state of market order, as well as the psychological immaturity of consumers. Recently, the hot spots of processors have focused on the low-end Haolong. Maybe in a few days, Haolong fake goods will appear in the market, and consumers can polish their eyes when buying

the processor itself is not fake. If it can be fake, it’s better to make real goods. There are more than one billion dollars in a production line, and the preliminary R & D and design expenses and other costs are still not considered
although there are no fake processors, there are some situations in the market, such as second-hand /refurbishment, laptop to desktop processor, loose pieces pretending to be boxed, etc. the second-hand refurbishment should be judged from the appearance and the heating capacity after being put into the computer. Generally, the heating capacity of the old processor will be large; It is obvious that the appearance of notebook to desktop is different from that of standard desktop processor. The loose pieces are pretended to be packed in boxes. It is difficult to see whether they are original products from the packaging box, instructions and radiator
as for the quality of the processor, the key lies in whether the performance is normal and whether there is fault. You can actually use various software to score after the computer is lit. For example, Master Lu’s score is almost normal compared with that of the same type of processor. You can also run a large number of software and games to test the stability and observe whether the temperature and voltage of the processor are within a reasonable range.


it’s a common way for JS to steal a dragon and turn a Phoenix by using packaging. It mainly appears on Intel CPU. The difference between Intel boxed processor and unpacked processor lies in the three-year warranty, and the price varies from tens to hundreds of yuan. Of course, now amd boxes are full of fake goods, especially flash dragon 2500 + and E6


3000 +. Due to the limited craft production level of illegal businessmen, although fake packaging has become a small-scale industry, it is still impossible to meet the standard of genuine packaging boxes in the printing and production of packaging boxes. Therefore, we can

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