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How to correctly select the equipment of dry powder packaging machine

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several problems need to be considered when selecting dry powder packaging equipment:

nature of dry powder

humidity of dry powder


particle size of dry powder

what kind of packaging material to use

size of site

continuous working time of machine

packaging volume per unit time

surrounding environment of workplace


material requirements

l> For example, if you select the manufacturer according to the above requirements, you can choose the machine according to its own design, which is very cheap; If you plan to produce for a long time, you can choose products with good quality, good cost performance and high performance price ratio; It is best to choose enterprises that can carry out personalized customization, because in production, each production site and environment are different. Professional design and customization according to the actual situation will be more appropriate, and the production efficiency will be better and more reasonable

you need to provide some physical characteristics of dry powder. The more detailed, the better. Because powder packaging has always been a difficult problem in the packaging industry. Because powder packaging will produce problems such as material leakage and large air content. The throwing speed is slow and needs to be pumped. You can go1mj see that there are packaging equipment for dry powder mortar and packaging machines such as fire powder. Generally, it should be customized, and the substitutability is very small. There are too many factors to be combined. As mentioned above, explosion-proof, dust-proof and plant size

this data is from Baidu map, and the final result is subject to the latest data of Baidu map

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