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How to connect the transformer of vacuum packaging machine

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it’s hard to do without a logo. It’s better to buy a transformer from a regular manufacturer. The logo is very clear and clear at a glance. You see, the transformer I bought has a logo, which is convenient to use, has good performance and is guaranteed for 3 years

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 star connection method: also known as Y-connection method. As shown in the figure, each end is connected to one phase of three-phase voltage, and the other end is connected together without any phase electricity or zero line. In this way, the voltage of each winding is phase voltage, that is, the voltage of each phase to ground, which is usually referred to as 220V. Star connection method is to connect one end of three-phase power supply winding or load together to form a neutral line. Because the current in the neutral line of balanced three-phase electricity is zero, it is also called zero line: the outgoing line at the other end of three-phase power supply winding or load is the three phase lines of three-phase electricity respectively. During long-distance transmission, only three phase lines are used to form a three-phase three wire system. The circuit reaching the user often involves two voltages of 220V and 380V. Three phase lines and one zero line are required to form a three-phase four wire system. In order to avoid electric shock caused by electric leakage, users need to add a ground wire. At this time, there are three phase wires, one zero wire and one ground wire. Therefore, there is also the saying of three-phase five wire system



 triangular connection method: connect the power supply or load of each phase end to end, and lead out each connected point as the three phase lines of three-phase electricity. The triangle connection method has no neutral point and can not lead out the neutral line, so there is only three-phase three wire system. After adding the ground wire, it becomes a three-phase four wire system with triangular connection. The line voltage is equal to the phase voltage and the line current is equal to √ 3 times of the phase current



 in the manufacturing process of conventional transformers, triangle and star wiring methods can be used, and the input and output can be used flexibly according to the actual needs

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