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How much is a disposable bucket

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How much is a disposable bucket

Deng Yu’s answer: 1. The barrel (concave bottom barrel) made by the one-time molding process of new imported material injection, drawing and blowing is about 28 yuan /piece. 2. The price of barrels (flat bottomed barrels) made of new imported materials by extrusion blowing process is about 23 yuan /piece. 3. If domestic raw materials are selected, the above prices will be reduced by about 5 yuan /piece respectively. 4. Some bad manufacturers use recycled materials to fill or add waste plastics, which is cheaper, but this barrel is harmful to human body! Don’t be greedy for cheap and do shameful things!

there are 10 liters, 12 liters and 15 liters, which can be bought for five or six yuan. It is recommended to use PC barrels, which are durable and food grade. Xingshida professional answers

about 8.5-9 yuan


how much is the mother’s yeast barrel for 10

haven’t you bought it within ten yuan

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