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How much is a box printer?

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there are tens of thousands of cheaper and more than 100000 more expensive packaging box printers:
1. The price of equipment produced by most domestic UV printer manufacturers is less than 200000
2. Very few high-level enterprises have made equipment with a price of more than 200000.

the packaging box printer is also known as UV printer. At present, the market price is more than 100000. Ricoh nozzle is mainly used

the usual UV printer models are kgt-4550, kgt-1016, kgt-1610, kgt-2513 and kgt-2030, and the printing sizes are 450 * 500mm, 1000 * 1600mm, 1600 * 1000mm, 2500 * 1300mm and 2000 * 3000mm respectively. The price is determined according to the print size and nozzle configuration. There are tens of thousands to 200000, and larger sizes can be customized
the biggest feature of UV printer is that it does not need to make a plate. It can be printed immediately. The printing size depends on the printing size of the printer. Of course, it can also be printed in blocks. The printing materials range from packaging boxes, cosmetic boxes, u disks, to glass, ceramic tiles, wood boards, metal plates, acrylic, etc. as long as they are flat materials, they can be printed, because they can be printed in a wide range, Therefore, it is also called universal printer, which can not only print 3D effect, but also print relief effect
the primary problem in selecting UV printer should be considered from the factors such as the stability of printer, the selection of nozzle, later maintenance cost and after-sales service. It is recommended to choose Ricoh UV printer.

how much is a box printer
there are 10 sets of packing box printers for civilian use, model 1610, equipped with Toshiba nozzle, printing 12 square meters of packing boxes in an hour
there are 16 sets of packing box printers for industrial use, model 2513, equipped with Ricoh nozzles, printing 26 square meters of packing boxes in one hour.


there are many brands of printers, mainly depending on your output, different models and different prices

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