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How many days is the shelf life of coarse cereals

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the shelf life of coarse cereals depends on the storage method of coarse cereals. The shelf life varies according to the processing and packaging methods. For example, vacuum packaging, the shelf life can reach 12 months or even longer. Ordinary packaging may only be a few months

the shelf life of bulk cereals is relatively shorter. In addition, the storage season will also have an impact on the shelf life of cereals. For example, the shelf life of bulk cereals in summer is 3 months. Autumn and winter are generally 6 months. After the shelf life is exceeded, the nutritional components of cereals will be lost

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cereals are staple food of human beings, which contain rich nutrients and have the effect of preventing and improving diseases, such as dietary fiber, which can effectively slow down carbohydrate absorption and reduce the blood sugar rising speed of eating, so as to make insulin play a role, so it also has great help for diabetics. Another example is unsaturated fatty acids, which can soften the cholesterol in blood vessels and reduce cardiovascular diseases

vitamin C in cereals can alleviate fatigue symptoms, prevent colds, lower limb soreness and other civilized diseases; Iron can prevent gastric ulcer and loss of appetite; Trace elements such as copper and zinc can improve the symptoms of mental weakness and insomnia, increase appetite, improve weight and adjust appetite. Potassium can also avoid muscle paralysis, depression and general weakness

reference source: People’s Network – what are the benefits of eating more cereals? There are many benefits to eating more coarse grains

it should be 6 to 12 months under normal temperature and humidity

in the north, as long as it is not placed in a warm and humid place, the storage conditions are normal, and the shelf life of rice flour products can be extended to about 24 months
however, it is generally more than one year. It is recommended that you should not eat it at all Even if it’s not bad, it’s not delicious. The nutrition will be reduced a lot.

generally, there is no shelf life. The grain in the grain store at home can be eaten for 5 or 6 years. The day before yesterday was dry and there were no insects

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