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How long does it take from apprentice to captain in half the case of printing!

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What raw materials are harmful to the body in the printing industry? We try to avoid contact with them

Hello, I’m glad to answer for you. It will take about three years. All experience is accumulated slowly. The distance between the text on the layout and the cutting edge must be & gt; 3mm to avoid being cut during cutting. Text must be curved or outlined. Do not use system words for text. If you use it, there will be white nodes at the interlaced strokes. After the text turns into a curve, please pay attention to whether there is line skipping or overlapping disorder between words or lines. If there are white nodes at the interleaving of strokes, it can be processed with scattered instructions. Do not use overprint for black text. Polishing rules
the rules of UV polishing plate and printing rules should be consistent and matched. The graphic content that needs UV varnish generally has matching requirements with the printed content. The cover paper sometimes adopts loose special paper, which is easy to deform in printing, so the printing rules must be unified with those in UV glazing process. If there is a rule skipping phenomenon in the printing process, the prints must be carefully classified according to the rule skipping situation in UV glazing, glazing shall be carried out in batches, and the position of UV glazing plate shall be adjusted
3. Hot stamping + embossing rule
if it is necessary to superimpose two special processes on the same content at the same position of a print in the post press process. This requires the fitting error to be less than 0.01mm, so the hot stamping rules, embossing rules and printing rules must be consistent
2. The printing color cannot be required by the color printed on the screen or printer. When making, the customer must refer to the percentage of CMYK chromatography to decide the color filling. At the same time, note that the CMYK chromatogram produced by different manufacturers is affected by the types of paper, ink, printing pressure and other factors, and the same color block will be different. For reference only

first, it varies from person to person. If you haven’t been an apprentice in the printing industry, it may take 2-3 years to start
Second, it’s better to learn from a teacher at the beginning of an apprenticeship, so that you can improve faster. It depends on your actual ability. Generally, at the beginning, you start as a minimum assistant, help pick up materials every day, and help the version slowly. It can replace the captain to watch the machine in about 2 months. Generally, it takes at least one year, because there are many ways of printing, and it needs to accumulate experience slowly, followed by compounding. The simplest is dry cutting
three, which is also related to the promotion space in the company. Some apprentices are promoted to the captain position immediately after they start
Fourth, read more, learn more and do more. The old master’s experience is found by himself. Not all of it can teach you. You must think more carefully. In that way, even if you don’t promote you, you can change jobs
in short, you should be calm and learn slowly from the beginning of your apprenticeship. Learning hands is your ability. I believe you will have a good space for development.

if you study conscientiously and steadily, it should be five years later. Because it is not only to master the operation technology and maintenance technology, but also to contact all kinds of live parts and deal with all kinds of problems. Five years of experience and lessons are not long.


most of this depends on the individual. If you study hard, have a flexible mind and the master also teaches you, it may take a year or two. If you don’t study hard, you can’t say it. If you’re under my command, I’ll try my best to teach. If you don’t learn, I can’t help it. The printing industry is harmful to your health, such as ink, car wash water, gasoline, reducing agent and so on

about three years. Of course, it may not take that long for you to fully understand the operation, but experience still takes a certain time.

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