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How about Zhijia communication technology

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Company Profile
1 Company name: (Chinese name): Zhijia communication technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.
(English name): gengnal Jack Ltd.
2 Company address: Xinwei village, Langbei management area, Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
3 Overall area: more than 40000 square meters, three workshops and four dormitories
4 Founding date: April 1986
5 Production variety: produce all kinds of high-grade optical fibers, wires, external connectors and communication accessories in the world
6 Company size: there are more than 2000 people, including excellent enterprises in Changping Town
7 Traffic conditions: Changping Town is located at the intersection of Guangzhou Kowloon Railway, Beijing Kowloon Railway and Guangzhou Meizhou Shantou railway. Dongguan railway station is located in Changping Town. It is very convenient to go south to Shenzhen, north to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and all over the country, The Taipei headquarters has three departments: business, procurement and finance. The Hong Kong Branch has shipping personnel responsible for shipping. The first factory was established in the mainland in 1989. Now the new factory covers an area of about 50000 square meters, with business department, procurement department, finance department, R & D, mold, injection, manufacturing, biotechnology, engineering, hardware and other departments. The whole factory has about 2000 employees
Zhijia company has been established for more than 19 years and is dedicated to communication accessories and network series products. In 2004, the sales reached US $3000000000 and increased by an average of 20% every year
Zhijia company is famous all over the world for its professional production of communication accessories. Its product sales areas include Southeast Asia, Europe, America and Australia. It mainly cooperates with OEM, ODM or joint development with agents. The main products include: ADSL filter /separator, PCB jack, national telephone junction box, national telephone adapter, national telephone adapter, panel, pocket extension box (Tel spool), world travel connector kit, network series products, extension panel, etc
II. Business philosophy:
Zhijia company has accumulated 20 years of experience since its establishment and adheres to the consistent business philosophy
1. Value marketing creates a win-win situation with customers
provide good service, high-quality products and competitive new products, actively suggest solutions for customers, and help customers easier to market, rather than just mass production Lower the price to win the market
2. Research, innovation and pursuit of continuous growth
based on the determination of permanent operation, the company strives to forge ahead, innovate and grow
3. Quality and customer satisfaction are paramount
in a broad sense, quality refers to doing things, being a person and products, doing a good job at the first time, so that people engaged in the next work process can undertake it smoothly; Customer satisfaction is the biggest driving force of the company
III. glory and affirmation
with the concerted efforts of the chairman and all employees, Zhijia company has professional production technology and constantly surpassing innovative products. At present, more than 100 products have won UL and CSA certification, more than 20 products have obtained CE certification, and many products have applied for patents. In terms of quality management, the company has obtained ISO9001 and TL9000 international standard certification. In terms of environmental protection, the company has obtained ISO14001 certification, and obtained honors such as Sony and Canon green partners, which has been affirmed and praised by many large international groups and companies
IV. corporate culture and social welfare
Zhijia company adheres to the principle of people-oriented, pays attention to employees’ amateur leisure sports and humanistic spirit construction, and creates an internal magazine Zhijia Ren to publicize corporate culture and provide a knowledge exchange platform for employees. And often organize sports and entertainment to enrich employees’ spare time life. And with a positive literary spirit, guide employees to forge ahead and walk out of their own optimistic and positive life path
Zhijia company has always advocated the concept of “serving everyone and serving everyone” and put it into action. It often carries out charity and mutual assistance activities in poor households, nursing homes, orphanages and other social institutions. These practical actions have been highly praised by the society. Even the broad sense is extended to the friendship and mutual respect between departments and employees, which makes people feel grateful, content and cherish happiness

貮, company products
I. production management:
Zhijia company has introduced all kinds of advanced high-tech production machinery and equipment, including CNC winding machine, oven, soaking machine, SMT equipment, lead-free wave soldering equipment, ultrasonic and punch press, vertical /horizontal beer machine, high cycle packaging machine, automatic terminal riveting machine, high temperature and low temperature experimental machine, shielding room, etc, In order to ensure the reliability of product quality, the company is equipped with various precision testing instruments, such as fluke network tester, hp8757d /hp8753e network analyzer, Agilent e44058 spectrum sweep analyzer, sunset broadband network analyzer, ICT online tester, noise meter, high-frequency signal generator, ICP tester, ATI tester, psm-139 tester, tmj970 salt spray tester Gth060s constant temperature and humidity testing machine, ht8878a plug lead bending testing machine, rt-50ac vibration testing machine, etc
under the consistent professional process management of mutual cooperation between advanced production equipment and testing instruments, from incoming inspection and process processing to finished product inspection, packaging and shipment, taking international quality certification as the standard, so that each product has the requirements of high stability, high quality and high efficiency, which is the guarantee and commitment of the company to customers
2. R & D innovation
Zhijia company has a professional and strong R & D and process standardized design team. In order to improve customer satisfaction and meet the diversified needs of customers, the company’s R & D team actively studies innovation, develops products in the shortest time, continuously studies and develops innovative products leading the industry, and independently develops and obtains a number of national and foreign patents, Expand the market competitiveness of enterprises and sustainable development of enterprises
III. quality /environmental system
all products manufactured by Zhijia company prove that we have been striving for excellent quality. The company’s quality policy is “do a good job in quality control of all staff and meet the needs of customers”. The company has established the company’s quality management system within the framework of ISO9001 quality management system. This system covers the whole life cycle from the incoming inspection of product materials to product delivery, sales and service, and has a good communication and handling channel for customers’ feedback, suggestions and complaints. The company not only has advanced detection and test equipment, but also has a group of professional inspection and management personnel. With a series of nearly perfect detection methods, the company carries out detection in strict accordance with international, national and industrial standards. It has a careful quality management mode from incoming materials, manufacturing process, finished products to packaging and shipment, To ensure that the quality of Zhijia products can meet the needs of customers with the greatest advantage
with the global emphasis on environmental protection, Zhijia company i
s no exception. From product design to production, testing and shipment, Zhijia company pays attention to the prevention of environmental pollution. The company has implemented the control of harmful substances in products since 2002. At present, the products have fully met the requirements of ROHS standard, purchased ICP-OES, UV and other precision instruments and established an environmental laboratory, Ensure the conformity of products. We promise that the company will make good use of the earth’s resources, develop green concept products, improve process technology, reduce environmental impact, comply with the requirements of laws and regulations, strive to prevent pollution and continuously improve the current situation of the environment, implement environmental education and carry out appropriate environmental communication, so as to create a sustainable development enterprise
IV. management marketing
Zhijia company adheres to a good business philosophy. Through solid management system and perfect communication channels, its products are sold all over the world. Due to excellent quality, careful marketing network and perfect after-sales service, its products are deeply appreciated by customers
in order to provide customers with good after-sales service, through computerized data file management system and strict process control, Zhijia company is the best quality assurance for customers
participate in the company’s future vision and outlook
the vision of Zhijia company is to innovate and pursue perfection, shape the sustainable operation of the enterprise and establish a global world-class enterprise; Active planning to ensure the leading technology is the company’s strategy to maintain global competitiveness
Zhijia company will continue to adhere to the good corporate philosophy, strong system and the joint efforts of all employees, continuously develop and innovate, improve product quality and meet the requirements of perfection. I believe that Zhijia’s intensive marketing network will spread to every corner of the international market and will become the mainstream product to guide the market!

good. I’ve worked in it. Now I want to go back to work

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