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How about naming the packaging company Meida

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name Meida score: (the score is for reference only, please see the analysis below for the detailed description of various indicators)
cultural impression 94 points. (mainly referring to idioms, poems, famous sayings, words used by celebrities and other factors)
five lines and eight characters 98 points. (mainly refer to whether the five elements of the name meet the requirements of eight characters liking to use God)
Chinese Zodiac 75 points. (mainly refer to whether the name meets the naming requirements of the Chinese Zodiac nomenclature)
five grid mathematics and mathematics 87 points. (mainly referring to the collocation relationship of the stroke combination of the name learning of the name characters)
& gt& gt; How to get to the original meaning of the word:
how to get to the original meaning of the word:
. The extended meaning is to know well, understand thoroughly, etc. The other two meanings of DA are: ① open-minded and open-minded; ② A successful man is a noble man. As far as a person’s name is concerned, the word DA can not only express his character and temperament (open-minded and magnanimous), but also explain his fate (prosperity). (this word appears about 232010 times in the person name database)
explanation of Shuowen Jiezi: it doesn’t matter whether you meet or not. From the sound. “Poetry” said: “pick Xi Da Xi

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