How about Great Wall Motors Tianjin branch? Be more specific

first of all, I suggest you not to come if you can
now let’s introduce
1) salary: it mainly depends on which company you work in, branch office or Boxin. During your internship, it is the same, about 2200 (a lot of overtime, the salary is hard to understand, and it can’t be solved). After becoming a full-time employee, the branch office is about 2500 (the money mainly depends on your overtime and night shift)
2) accommodation + Insurance: accommodation is free (but you have to pay the property fee (forgot) + water fee (1.2) + electricity fee (0.7) + heating fee (it seems to be 0.5/m2) and the dormitory is about more than 20 m2). The insurance is the minimum standard in Tianjin, and you have forgotten how much it is
3) working condition: physical and mental exhaustion
4) promotion: laugh but don’t say anything ~ the goal is full; The reality is very skinny. I hope you can stay until you get promoted

now it’s 7:30 and 6:00 in the normal class. It doesn’t count as overtime. They take three days off every two weeks and a few hours a day. This is their normal class. There is no legal holiday, not to mention the annual welfare leave. Abnormal management. Marriage should be reported and approved before marriage. Gifts can’t exceed 20 yuan. Colleagues are not allowed to exceed 20 people. The gift receipt should be submitted to the personnel department. Military training and no small things will be deducted. It’s the whole department, Sometimes you don’t know why the salary is gone. A deduction is a deduction for months or a year. There are too many deductions. Say, five insurances and one fund. The salary of the operator is 1100 yuan

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