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Hello, everyone. What software does graphic design need? thank you

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Hello, my friend. There are many graphic design software. I’ll give you a general introduction of the most commonly used at present. First, Adobe Photoshop, which is a top-level graphics and image processing software, is already the industry standard. The posters, creative pictures, photo photos and so on you see are processed with Photoshop. Adobe, Professional vector graphics software can be used to draw illustrations, design VI and picture albums. Adobe InDesign, a master desktop typesetting software, needs to be used for works that need post-processing. This software involves a lot of printing knowledge, such as ordinary books and thicker picture albums. The typesetting function is too powerful. CorelDRAW, the vector graphics software of core company, has considerable installed capacity, is easy to learn, and has powerful functions. It also has certain advantages in typesetting. Many logos are designed with it, and these are the ones most used in graphic software. You say VI, which is generally done with CorelDRAW, but now after CS4, it has a lot of powerful functions, and you can also do it. Logo is logo, CorelDRAW or other software can be used, such as AAA logo. PS or CorelDRAW can be used for business cards, PS can be used for posters, CorelDRAW can be used for product packaging, and CorelDRAW, PS can be used for product design if graphic software is used
the biggest difference between bitmap and vector image is that bitmap will be distorted when enlarged, because it is composed of pixels, that is, those small boxes. Vector image will not be distorted no matter how much you put it. PS is bitmap software, CorelDRAW and vector software. PS is generally used in designing posters. If it is larger, the resolution can be reduced, such as posters of more than ten meters, A resolution of 30-40 is enough. Of course, the design of things should be very accurate. It’s the so-called slightest mistake. It’s thousands of miles away. Logo design is standardized. You can check it on Baidu. Hehe, good luck!

Graphic Design Training of Shenzhen City Design School:
learn Photoshop CS4, CS4, and acrobat9 0. All contents
1. Photoshop CS4: Photoshop operation basis, image optimization processing, classic case analysis and production
2. CS4: advertising signboard production, light box advertising, clothing advertising design, enterprise logo design, business card design
3. Professional typesetting tools, printing related knowledge, advanced typesetting skills of books and newspapers
4. Acrobat 9 0: professional electronic document tool, which can realize the mutual conversion between any document and the generation and conversion of PDF document
5. Packaging box design, leaflet, poster and business card production, product and commercial advertisement design, business card design
6. Suitable for starting from scratch until graphic design and production
recruit students: graphic designers, graphic creative designers and graphic art designers who are interested in the development of graphic design


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