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Flower industry, which kind of packaging is better?

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the question you asked,
which kind of packaging is better for the flower industry
I don’t think there’s any need to study this problem.
this has been used by others for a long time,
it must be a suitable package before it can be used for a long time,
so look at how to use it,
otherwise, the number of self-developed packages is small and the price is high.

a good package can play the role of decoration, preservation and protection, and make the bouquet look more beautiful. Nowadays, the common flower packaging materials in the domestic market mainly include plastic packaging and paper packaging. Plastic packaging and paper packaging have good decoration, but they also have a common and serious deficiency – environmental pollution. There is no doubt that plastics will pollute the environment, while papermaking requires cutting down trees, which is also environmentally unfriendly from the root. But in fact, we have another choice, that is, non-woven packaging, which has the function of moisturizing and ventilation, can prolong the fresh-keeping period of flowers, and can be completely degraded

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