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Drug packaging includes those large, medium and small categories

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drug packaging is mainly divided into single dose packaging, inner packaging and outer packaging
1. Single dose packaging
refers to the process of packaging drugs in different doses according to their uses and administration methods. For example, the granules are packed in small packaging bags, the glass ampoules of injections, and the sub packaging process of tablets and capsules in blister type aluminum-plastic materials. Such packaging is also called sub dose packaging
2. Inner packaging
refers to the process of loading several or dozens of drugs into one container or material, which is called inner packaging. For example, several finished tablets or capsules are packed into blister type aluminum-plastic packaging materials, and then loaded into cartons, plastic bags, metal containers, etc., so as to prevent the damage and influence of moisture, light, microorganisms, external force impact and other factors on drugs
3. Outer packaging
the process of loading drugs that have completed inner packaging into boxes or containers such as bags, barrels and piles is called outer packaging. The purpose of outer packaging is to further concentrate the drugs in small packages in larger containers for the storage and transportation of drugs.

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