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Does Taobao Express provide bags

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I have opened an online shop, which sells four piece sets. Do I want to ask the express company to provide outer packing bags? Or do you have to pay for it?

hello. If the express company can’t deliver the express bag, you need to negotiate with him. If your delivery volume is large. You can ask him to provide the bag free of charge. There are also some express companies with high prices that will provide bags. For example, SF. As long as there is a quantity, any other express company can talk about it.

there are waterproof bags!! You send more, you can ask the courier to take it!! The courier will give it!! The bag is free! It’s usually a noodle list with a bag!! For example, you ask the courier to take 500 express bills and give you 500 bags!! If you have a good relationship, you can have more points!!

basically, express bags will be provided free of charge, even if you send a goods. Of course, you should ask the customer service staff for it yourself. Some also need to charge 2 yuan together with the noodle list (that is, a noodle list and an express bag). Those who charge do not need the express bag. As long as the noodle list, they also charge 2 yuan.


SF provides packaging! But you know! Other express companies do not provide!

if you don’t provide it, the price is relatively high. I suggest you buy the package on Taobao. The price is cheap and the quantity is not much

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