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Do you have Foxconn electronics factory in Dongguan? Where is the specific location??

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Does Foxconn in Dongguan still recruit people? What’s the treatment?? thank you!

Yantai Foxconn Technology Group
Shenzhen Foxconn Technology Group
Wuhan Foxconn Technology Group
Kunshan Foxconn Technology Group
Huai’an Foxconn Technology Group
Taiyuan Foxconn Technology Group
Shanghai Foxconn Technology Group
Beijing Foxconn Technology Group

1. For academic certificates that spectrum workers can’t see, the ID card is OK, so don’t worry about being found out
2. It’s OK without a diploma. It’s easy to do spectrum work,
3. You need to know the concept of spectrum work. Spectrum work is to work on the assembly line. You can do whatever the boss asks you to do. The interview is just a form. It’s so terrible. As long as you are in good health, everything will be fine when you go in,
4. As long as you are in good health, you will pass 100%, I used to stay in a place called South China escort training center. I’ll take care of your food and accommodation. Then I’ll arrange where you go to work. I’ll have military training before going to work. Do you think it’s going to enter the company and ask you to wait for notice to recruit you? However, it’s better to be younger than 25. Foxconn has regulations,
5. If you want a copy of your identity, six photos. You can take a big sticker, Don’t be too fancy, that is, the photos with red background and blue background,
6. I appreciate people like you. They are not afraid of hardship. As long as you are not afraid of hardship, I advise you to stay in Foxconn. The food is better than other factories, the accommodation is OK, and there is a car pick-up to and from work,
7. If Foxconn doesn’t need people at that time, you’re looking at whether BYD wants people. This factory is also large, It depends on your choice,
, I think the sentence you said, “I’m not afraid of hardship” is really useful. I think your boss will appreciate you as a person who is not afraid of hardship,

Foxconn in Shenzhen is headquartered in Longhua, and there is a branch in Guanlan. The two factories are not far apart. You can take bus 787 to get there. Foxocnn is the most advanced in layoffs. As for whether it is hiring now, it should be very few, In addition, Gou Teming said last year that Foxconn did not recruit workers for the last three years and improved internal competition. Even if it was recruited, it was very few. It was easy to enter in 2007, and I entered at that time. This year, because we were in the factory, I don’t know some situations,
graduation certificate is not a problem. Spectrum workers can not need this kind of things. Those who want certificates are technicians and management cadres, There are also cadres recruited from colleges and universities. As long as you are in good health, you need to have a physical examination when you enter. It is recommended that you don’t bring anything, just a few clothes. If you bring more, you will feel super troublesome. I have deep experience. In addition, they usually recruit workers in summer, that is, in 56789. The working hours are eight hours, Work at eight in the morning and get off at five in the evening. If you work overtime for two hours, the overtime pay is 1.5 times, which is nearly 7.5 yuan an hour. If you work overtime for two hours, you get off at eight in the evening. Overtime is voluntary. You will sign a contract with you when you go in. You can have a look at it at that time,
rarely work overtime on Sundays,
; Most Saturdays have been increased. The salary on this day is nearly 70-80 yuan,
the salary, the base salary is 900. When I first went, it was 750, and then it rose to 800. When I left, it rose to 900,
most of the time I work overtime. I generally don’t work overtime only when the production is small,
the salary is 1450 yuan a month, 677 yuan is very normal, and some can get two or three thousand, Of course, they basically have no rest in a month,
there are cars to pick them up from work, eight people live in the dormitory, there is a bathroom, and the food is better than other factories,
I also lived outside when renting a house,
alas, I can’t say a lot about Foxconn at once, such as renting a house, employee level, or going to BYD if I don’t go to Foxconn, Wait a lot,


without Foxconn, there is a Fujiang electronics in Dongkeng, which is a brother company of Foxconn

it seems that there is no Foxconn in Dongguan and only in Shenzhen
if there is a recruitment, it may be deceptive
or it is the kind of introduction fee

there is no Foxconn in Dongguan

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