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Difference between automatic quantitative packaging scale without bucket and with bucket

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next, let’s talk about the real “bucket”: the real “bucket” is the “metering bucket”, also known as the “weighing bucket”. The essence of the bucket scale is the gravity automatic loading weighing instrument with the “hopper” bearing mode (refer to GBT 26389-2011 weighing instrument product model preparation method). The bucket is essentially a scale in the shape of a hopper. The whole bucket is supported by a weighing sensor and suspended. There is a discharge door below. After the measurement is completed, the discharge door opens and the materials flow into the bag to complete one-time weighing. So what does “no bucket scale” mean? The bucket free scale has no “measuring bucket”, and the whole measurement is completed in the packaging bag. In fact, the “measuring bucket” is omitted, and the packaging bag is sleeved on the bag clamping device, which is actually supported and suspended by the weighing sensor, and then the bag is sleeved and clamped, so as to form a set of working mode of measuring while feeding into the bag. Difference between bucket scale and non bucket scale – instructions for selection of packaging scale

the bucket scale has faster packaging speed and is suitable for granular and massive materials. The total height of the equipment is high. The packaging speed without bucket scale is slow, suitable for all materials, and the installation height requirements are low

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no bucket is suitable for dusting powder

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