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Desktop assembly host configuration list?

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Daily office use, do not play games. The computer used now is too old for 12 years. XP 32-bit. Hit the web card and want to assemble one below 2000. The best performance is around 1500.

, mechanical hard disk (HDD) and hybrid hard disk (sshd), solid state hard disk is the fastest, hybrid hard disk is the second, and mechanical hard disk is the worst. The larger the hard disk, the more files will be stored (such as storing movies, music, etc.). First, the data reading and writing speed of the hard disk and the speed of the hard disk (divided into high-speed hard disk and low-speed hard disk. High-speed hard disk is generally used in large servers, such as 10000 rpm and 15000 rpm; low-speed hard disk is used in general computers, including laptops), and desktop computers generally use 7200 rpm, Laptops generally use 5400 rpm, which is mainly due to the accidental scratch of hard disk disk due to computer movement and vibration in laptops, as well as power consumption and heat dissipation
the speed of hard disk is different due to different interfaces. Generally speaking, it can be divided into IDE and SATA (that is, serial port) interfaces. Earlier hard disks were mostly ide interfaces. In contrast, the access speed was slower than that of SATA interface. 8
with the development of the hard disk market, the cache has increased from 2m to 8m, which is 16m or 32m or more. Just like the CPU, the larger the cache, the faster the speed will be
5. Graphics card: pay attention to the stream processing capability of the graphics card, the size of the display memory and the width of the display memory. The larger the better. This is directly related to the response speed of running super program software, such as running graphics software such as cad2007, 3dstudio and 3DMAX, and playing large-scale 3D games such as pubg, Russia fishing 4, battlefield 5, call of duty 16 and so on. In addition to the distinction at the hardware level, the graphics card also has the existence of “shared video memory” technology. Different from the general self-contained video memory chip, the “shared video memory” technology needs to read the video memory from the memory to deal with the needs of the corresponding program. Or some people call it: dynamic video memory. This technology is more used in laptops
6. Power supply, as long as the power is sufficient and stable (generally 300W is enough for general home computers, and 500W is no problem for most computers), a stable power supply is very important. For all electronic components of the computer, stable voltage and current are the key to the life of the computer
7. Monitor: the interface between the monitor and the motherboard also has an impact (such as DVI, HDMI and VGA interface), but people generally don’t care much (please refer to the relevant technical data of the display device). A better display has higher refresh rate, larger screen and sharpness, which is very important for E-sports. It can make the game smoother and more beneficial to editors

DR3 obviously has more advantages in frequency and speed. In addition, due to other functions such as automatic self refresh according to temperature and local self refresh adopted by DDR3, DDR3 is also much better in power consumption. First tier memory brand manufacturers have launched their own DDR3 memory, such as Kingston, Yuzhan, Weigang, pirate ship, Jinbang, etc. In terms of price, DDR3 memory is only dozens of blocks higher than DDR2. On the road of memory development, DDR3 and DDR4 memory have unlimited future
hard disk
hard disk connection

just add memory. There’s no need to change it at all


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 Hello, how much is the budget 


 please help me get a set of desktop computer configuration list 

 about 5000 


 Hello, how much is the budget, mainly playing games or drawing office 

 will you install it yourself 

Ask questions

 don't play games 

 make drawings. Code or something. That's what programmers have to do 


 will it be installed? Buy a brand machine? Self assembly and deployment are better, but after-sales can't guarantee it. If it is a brand, I directly recommend 


 this configuration is self-assembled around 5500 

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