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Coca Cola bottle design concept

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Coca Cola bottle design concept: Coca Cola’s glass bottle is well known all over the world for its beautiful curve shape. The early Coca Cola packaging was plagued by frequent counterfeiting. In 1900, the company decided to carry out the modeling design again, but there has been no satisfactory scheme. In the creative concept record of the company in 1913, it was written as follows: “the bottle type of Coca Cola must be recognized by the touch of hands even in the dark.
even if the instrument only sees a part of the bottle during the day, people should immediately know that it is a coca Cola bottle”. Based on this design concept, the bottle shape with beautiful curve has been designed. The 192ml glass bottle with this shape is still used all over the world today. It not only has beautiful shape, but also brings strong psychological effect to consumers. Coca Cola has conducted a large-scale survey, and many consumers believe that it is this glass bottle that makes people feel that this beverage
has an excellent taste.

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