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Classification of Dongyuan inverter

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A510 features: low speed and high torque intelligent automatic identification of current and voltage, eliminating cumbersome parameter setting. High security, built-in high reliability hardware safety circuit, emergency cut-off output. Small volume under the same conditions, the volume control mode can be reduced by 49% at most: V /F control mode, V /F closed-loop control mode, PM sensorless current vector control mode and other six control modes
body design: 1 The three machine integrated design makes the frequency converter suitable for three-phase asynchronous motor, servo motor and synchronous motor. High environmental resistance structure design, heat dissipation air duct is isolated from PCB board, which greatly improves the environmental resistance. A510 product function:
V /F, SLV for IM /PM, Vector for IM /PM control (32 bits CPU)
0-1200hz output /16 speed /PID control
150% /1min overload tolerance
150% /0.5Hz starting torque
speed /torque control
standard built-in PLC function
standard built-in brake crystal below 20HP
standard built-in RS485
standard built-in NPN /PNP input force can be switched (F1 only NPN)
standard UL /CE mark
Profibus and DeviceNet can be connected, TCP /IP and other communication interfaces
built in expansion port, which can expand PG, I /O and other expansion cards
Application Market:
punch (/sawing machine), metal processing machine, rubber and plastic machinery, air compressor, textile /chemical fiber machinery, thread drawing machine, screw machine, crown block, elevator…
Product Model:
1 /3Ph 200V 1-3hp (IP20 /nema1)
3Ph 200V 5-100hp (IP20 /nema1 /IP00)
3Ph 380V 1-500hp (IP20 /nema1 /IP00)
3Ph 690V 30-500hp (IP20 /nema1 /IP00
Product Certification:
international certification: UL, CE product introduction:

vector control, V /F control.
the whole series has built-in PLC, which can carry out program control.
the whole series has built-in RS-485 communication port (RJ45)
two analog inputs can be superimposed or used separately
unique analog input monitoring function
you can view the voltage, current, frequency and other parameters during alarm to facilitate troubleshooting
unique fire mode setting
unique low current detection function
product functions
V /F & amp; Vector control (32 bits CPU)
0-650hz (1000Hz option) output /16 speed /PID control
150% /1min overload tolerance
150% /1Hz starting torque
standard built-in VR & amp; 7-segment*5 & Pull out keypad function
IP20 (nema1) /IP65 (NEMA4) models
standard built-in simple PLC function
standard built-in brake crystal
standard built-in RS485 (Modbus)
standard built-in class a filter
standard built-in NPN /PNP input force can be replaced
standard UL /CE mark
Profibus and DeviceNet can be connected, TCP /IP and other communication interfaces
target market
replace MA /n310 /CV below 20HP /E2 IP65 models
textile /weaving /dyeing and finishing machinery, metal processing machinery, welding and cutting machine, simple tool machine, food /packaging machine, woodworking machinery, stone /kiln machinery, fan /pump, wire and cable machinery…
E510 models:
· IP20
– 1 /3Ph 200V 0.5-3hp, 3Ph 5-20hp
– 1PH 200V 0.5-3hp (built-in filter)
– 3Ph 380V 1-25hp (built-in /no built-in filter)
– 3Ph 575v 1 ~ 30HP
· IP65 /NEMA4
– 1 /3Ph 200V 0.5-3hp, 3Ph 5-20hp
– 1PH 200V 0.5-3hp (built-in filter)
– 3Ph 380V 1-25hp (built-in /no built filter) Product Description:
ultra small, V /F control model: Dongyuan L510 frequency converter
product function
V /F control with torque boost (32 bits CPU)
0-650hz output /8-stage speed /PID control
150% /1min overload tolerance
150% /3Hz starting torque
standard built-in VR & amp; 7-segment * 5
standard built-in RS485
standard built-in class a filter
NPN /PNP input machine types can be selected
standard UL /CE mark
can connect PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, TCP /IP and other communication interfaces
target market
replace E2 100V /200V series
conveyor belt, fan /pump, flat knitting machine /hosiery machine and other textile machinery, winding machine, packaging machine, feeder, food machine, inspection Machinery N310 features: features: high performance vector control, good low frequency characteristics, high precision and reliability, can realize closed-loop control, wider power range, frequency range: n310 0.01 ~ 400.00hz, n312 0.1 ~ 1200.0hz, power range: 220V model 0.4 ~ 2.2kW expansion card: I /O expansion: 3in /3out expansion card n31io-01 PG card: nl-5v, pvtl-5v, n-12v Pvt-12v 380V model 0.75 ~ 55kW
n310 product features:
& amp; Oslash; High performance design
adopts 32 bits CPU, high-speed processing and internal huge memory
improves vector control performance
built-in V /F, vector control
increased current vector /close loop control
improves low-speed torque and speed operation stability control
high-speed response control
high capacity memory, Provide a large number of program and parameter capacity
provide the basis of customized design
strengthen the protection function
improve the stall prevention function through high-speed operation, so that the machine is not easy to jump
& amp; Oslash; High performance design
built-in more powerful application function
16 section speed + sequence control + 16 section ACC /DEC time adjustment n
RS485 communication function
standard built-in MODBUS
PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, TCP /IP communication card expansion n
PID function
multi-function di /O, AI /O function
built-in brake crystal for models below 11kw
& amp; Oslash; Humanized /personalized design
the built-in key panel can be directly pulled out
directly connected by the commercial network route, and the relevant wires can be obtained everywhere
the serial port line design is adopted to improve the anti-interference
when a large number of production machines are used, Simple action can set all parameters and improve commissioning efficiency
copy unit
PC software
parameter reading /setting function
simulation oscilloscope commissioning monitoring function
functional design of multi-functional expansion card
PG feedback control (nl-5v, pvtl-5v, n-12v, pvt-12v in total))
di /O card
& amp; Oslash; Environment resistant operation design
fan below 5.5kW exposed to heat sink or fan free design
fan free design below 200V 1.5kw/380v 2.2kW n
voltage resistant environment design
can operate in 200-230v /380-460v + 10% /- 15% power environment, and has special design for instantaneous low voltage protection to ensure that it is not easy to trip and operate normally
unique overvoltage protection function, Effectively absorb the reinjection energy of instantaneous overvoltage of machinery, ensure the effective operation of punch /oil field kowtow machine
good coating production, and ensure that the product is resistant to pollution environment
the whole series of control boards /drive versions are coated to prevent damage caused by pollution environment
the assembly structure sheet is purified to ensure good shock resistance of the product
n310 market application:
fan, water pump – air conditioner Waterscape, constant pressure water supply
conveying equipment – transverse crown block, conveyor belt, small lifting table
lathe – grinder, engraving machine, CNC lathe, punch
textile machinery – bleaching /dyeing machinery, cloth opening /inspection machine, printing machine, carding machine
Plastic machinery – extruder, injection molding machine
woodworking machinery – rotary cutting machine, engraving machine, wrapping machine
knitting machinery – circular machine, computerized flat knitting machine Various loom
road building machinery
stone machinery
industrial washing machine
ceramic equipment
food machinery
bag printing equipment features: vector control, complete functions, convenient setting, high cost performance Good versatility frequency range: 0.01 ~ 400.00hz power range: 220V model 0.4 ~ 1.5KW 380V model 0.75 ~ 3.7KW E310 features:
16bit high-performance MCU
voltage vector control low-frequency starting torque: 150% /1Hz speed regulation range: 1:100 steady speed accuracy: ± 0.5% competitive brand: Delta M /E /El /Huichuan MD300 VF custom curve multi-point setting, Use flexible 4-point frequency /4-point voltage to set high frequency 400Hz smooth operation
high precision steady-state operation design to solve the problem of low-speed operation jitter and eliminate jitter corresponding parameters: 05-13 /06-11 three software modulation technologies soft PWM to reduce interference and eliminate noise long motor line (50 ~ 100) application solution input /output control: 6di /3Do 2ai /1ao
the built-in brake crystal of the whole series of models
the built-in RS-485 communication interface (RJ45)
the operation panel can be directly pulled out (supports hot plug) and the panel can be connected with the host using RJ45 wire. The wiring length is 3M (high-quality shielded wire is required when 5m). The panel and S /n310 can share 8-speed design, and the acceleration and deceleration time can be set separately, Meet most application requirements
8-segment program control (simple PLC)
provide a group of counters (1kHz)
PID control design, built-in sleep /wake-up function (use with fan /water pump) feedback monitoring value, humanized display of frequency converter output current limit (hardware protection) IPM can only module automatic overcurrent cut-off protection IGBT external line current limiting cut-off protection overheating protection heat sink overheating Oh protection overload protection OL2 (150% /1 minute) 3.1 ~ 12K carrier adjustable
high frequency and high voltage impulse protection built-in surge absorber (varistor) parameter password locking
fault output control
relay ABC /Transistor fault output optional
certification CE international certification E310 Dongyuan frequency converter application market:
fan, water pump – greenhouse, cold storage room, small fan
conveying equipment – conveyor, conveyor belt, feeder
lathe – grinder, drilling machine, sawing machine, milling machine
textile machinery – cloth detector, setting machine, printing machine
Plastic /rubber processor – crusher Bag making machine
printing equipment – offset press
packaging machinery – filling /sealing machine, filling machine
woodworking machinery – edge banding machine, sanding machine
knitting machinery – large round machine S310 features:
1: features: rich functions, compact structure, convenient setting, high cost performance, specializing in the low horsepower market of less than 1.5KW
2: power range: 0.4 ~ 1.5KW frequency range: 0.01 ~ 400.00h input power supply: single-phase AC220V
product features
market positioning: it is required that the equipment has compact structure and convenient operation, Low power market below 1.5KW with high cost performance
3Hz /100%
1: Auto torque boost
2: easy setting
IPM module
1: Mitsubishi /Infineon IPM module design (IGBT + perfect + mole)
External pull
network cable + RJ45 1: the area is the same as that of delta m panel 2: it can be common with n310 /E310
communication /braking
built-in 1: limited h1-bcd /BC type 2: RS-485
copy module parameter access and copy 1: RJ45 port 2: it can access and copy multiple groups of parameters
market application:
fan, water pump – roof air supply and exhaust fan, small water supply pump
printing equipment – six on Eight opening offset press
conveyor belt – small conveyor belt, assembly line
textile machinery – horizontal knitting machine, hosiery machine, dyeing equipment
packaging machine – sealing machine, filling machine
electronic equipment – winding machine, wave soldering /reflow soldering
food machinery – feeder, mixer, stuffing machine Product features and specifications of cake forming machine: features: high performance fan /pump frequency converter frequency range: 0.01 ~ 400.00hz power range: 380V model 18.5 ~ 400KW
Dongyuan frequency converter 7300pa product features PID and automatic energy saving function input under phase and output under phase protection LCD operator (Chinese and English images), with parameter copy function (large-size led operator optional) 110%, 1min overload protection output side zero phase filter selection includes
kW, kwh, Operation cumulative time monitoring function
multi function output /input interface
RS-485 communication function – MODBUS (pa-m) Metasys N2 (planned)
PROFIBUS (pa-p) DeviceNet (pa-d) (planned)
1-to-1 multi PID function card
PID sleep /wake up function
cooling fan on /off control
various interfaces can still be monitored under PRGM (HN – □ □ parameters)
local /remote (L /R) Operation keys
· easy operation
· complete functions: 220V 3 & amp; oslash; 5HP ~ 125 HP
· 440V 3& oslash; 5HP ~ 500 HP
· certification: CE, UL frequency converter 7200ma
maximum applicable motor (HP): 1 ~ 75h

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