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Chinese traditional packaging design concept

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packaging and products are twins. With products, we should have packaging to protect them. The word “Bao” in ancient Chinese characters is a hieroglyph that raises a child in the womb (see Figure 1-1), which reflects the ancients’ understanding and understanding of packaging

according to the interpretation in Chinese Cihai and the traditionally accepted meaning of Ci, “Bao” means to pack, package and receive, while “Zhuang” means to dress, dress up, load, decorate and style, morphology and so on

there is the same word “packaging” in Japanese and Korean. According to the interpretation of the Japanese “Da Han he dictionary”, the meaning of packaging is “bag, prepare luggage and take care of luggage”, which means wrapping up and sorting items for handling. The English name of the package is package. According to the British Oxford Dictionary, the meaning of packaging in English is basically the same, which can be understood as bandaging, wrapping and packing

since ancient times, after a long historical period, people of all countries have designed, made and used different packaging in different ways, and have a certain understanding of the form and function of packaging. Although these understandings can not be said to be very profound, they have many similarities with the concept of modern packaging design


if we summarize the traditional concept of packaging design, it contains the following meanings:
protection, that is, to contain and protect items in a certain way to prevent damage to their quality
integration. That is, some disordered and disordered items are combined together according to a certain capacity or quantity unit
transportation, that is, through packaging, the goods are easy to transport and handle
beautification refers to making the goods look more beautiful and attractive through packaging

like other objective things, people’s understanding of packaging is constantly updated with the deepening of people’s design and practice. Compared with the traditional concept of packaging, under the background of mass production and market today, the concept and connotation of modern packaging have changed greatly from the past.

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