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Can vacuum packed grain be eaten after expiration

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the shelf life of rice is also different according to the processing and packaging methods. The shelf life of vacuum packed rice can reach one year or even longer. The shelf life of ordinary packed rice is a few months. The shelf life of bulk rice is shorter. In addition, the shelf life of rice will also be affected by the season. Usually buy rice. For the best consumption period of rice, it is recommended to buy an appropriate amount of rice according to the number of families. When storing, choose well sealed and clean bags or containers, and seal them well, which will effectively inhibit the breeding of pests and molds and have a fresh-keeping effect
rice is a cool food, but we eat it sweetly and flatly. Rice has the function of supplementing blood and Qi, which can effectively help regulate the phenomenon of qi deficiency. Moreover, rice also has the function of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, which can effectively help regulate the intestines and stomach. Especially for people with gastrointestinal diseases, rice can be used to cook porridge to nourish the stomach, This can help promote the movement of intestines and stomach, promote digestion and absorption, and nourish the stomach. In addition, rice can also help quench thirst and diarrhea. It is a good food material to help dredge blood vessels and clear lungs and eyes.

for the sake of our health, it is better not to eat the vacuum packaged food as long as it expires, so as to ensure our health

all packages are the same. The storage time of grain is related to the temperature and moisture of grain. The moisture of vacuum packaging is generally low. It is not a big problem that the temperature is slightly expired, but it is found that discoloration and mildew are not edible even if they do not exceed the shelf life

edible. Generally, vacuum packaging eliminates the air in the packaging container space, and there is basically no microbial growth, so it can be more resistant to radiation. In particular, soybeans, rice and other cereals are also relatively resistant to radiation, so they can be eaten. For cereals such as soybeans and rice, the most important thing is to see whether they are moldy and deteriorated. If moldy, you can’t eat any more even if you wash off the mold layer. There is a great possibility of residual aflatoxin, which is highly toxic. The shelf life of rice has a certain relationship with the packaging method, temperature and variety. If it is ordinary packaged rice, the shelf life may be only 6-12 months, while the shelf life of bulk rice is generally 3 months in summer and 6 months in autumn. In addition, the shelf life of rice with high moisture content will be shortened, only 3 months, while that of imported rice, That is, the rice after air drying process has a long shelf life, usually 24 months. Of course, the specific shelf life can be checked according to the time indicated by the manufacturer.


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