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Can things packed in vacuum plastic bags be heated in the microwave oven

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Vacuum packaging of corn bought in the supermarket It suggests boiling or microwave heating But there is no indication whether to remove the package Can vacuum plastic packaging be heated directly in the microwave oven? thank you


whether plastic bags can be heated or not mainly depends on the raw materials of plastic bags. You should know that there is not only one kind of raw materials of plastic bags. Some are polypropylene or polyethylene, others are polyvinyl chloride, or polyvinyl chloride is added to other materials. This material is easy to produce toxic gas during heating, which will pollute food. Therefore, plastic packaging bags are not suitable for microwave heating


if you want to heat food, you’d better use ceramic products. It is best not to use iron or steel products, because this kind of thing is conductive and will cause accidents. Including the liquid milk packaging bag with aluminum foil on the inner layer, it can also be heated directly in the microwave oven, which will cause electric leakage and fire accidents. In addition, most plastic bags can only pack items at low temperature. Once heated, its physicochemical properties will change

the package should be removed. Microwave oven uses microwave to make food molecules vibrate at high speed to generate heat, so as to achieve the purpose of cooking and heating. It is poisonous when it is heated together with the package, so don’t use it. Bonus: 90% ~ 97% nutrition loss of food heated by microwave oven, and microwave leakage affects health.

the package is transparent and can be heated directly!!!

better not! Put it in a bowl

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