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Can the trademark of your company be printed on the packaging bag as a pattern

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there is a officially approved trademark registration certificate, which can be used as a trademark anywhere you want, but the trademark can be used according to the category of the trademark you apply for.

as long as you confirm that you have registered yourself, there is no problem at all. Many companies will make their own icons into small gifts such as clothes and handbags for publicity. As long as it is a registered trademark officially belonging to you, you can use it yourself! If it’s just decided by yourself and hasn’t been registered, it may belong to others, so be careful. This is also a cultural way of the company.

of course, your company’s trademark is your company’s logo, which can be used anywhere, not to mention on your own packaging bag

it is recommended to register your own trademark with the Trademark Office first, and then print the pattern on the packaging bag after obtaining the certificate, which will prevent the risk of stealing and falsely using the trademark.


the purpose of the company’s logo printed on the packaging bag should be clearly explained to avoid unnecessary troubles. (personal experience is for reference only)

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