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Can Lovol ge60 wheat harvester be converted into corn harvester?

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wheat harvesters
there are many types of wheat harvesters There are windrowers [. It is divided into manual assisted simple type and tractor front type.] And combine harvester [harvesting, threshing and cleaning] are completed at one time This paper focuses on the manual assisted simple windrower
the wheat harvester is powered by the gasoline engine and drives the sawtooth blade to rotate at a high speed through the transmission shaft, which plays the role of harvesting, while the rice holder and baffle on the blade play the role of stacking the harvested wheat strips. As shown in the figure:
purpose: harvest rice, wheat, soybeans and corn, and stack them in strips
parameters: engine model: 1e41f-8
engine type: air-cooled two-stroke
engine power: 1.47kw/6500-7000r /min
engine displacement: 40.2cc
vaporized product type: float type
complete machine weight: 9.5kg
package size: 415 * 320 * 450 mm1660 * 130 * 130 mm
carrying method: side mounted
features: The inclined hanging machine has the advantages of light weight, strong power, beautiful appearance, comfortable operation and low labor intensity.
it is harvested cleanly, laid neatly, and can be laid or stacked in strips.
it is suitable for large and small fields and muddy fields such as plains, hills, terraces and triangles.
it is easy to operate and maintain.
blade specification: three tooth blade, 40 tooth blade, 60 tooth blade and 80 tooth blade.

it’s not recommended to refit. You can directly buy a complete machine of corn for $890000. In this way, it’s also valuable to sell second-hand corn. ha-ha

Yes, I’ll change mine. Just buy more than 20000 sets of corn machines, but it’s a little troublesome

ge25 and Mack can be equipped with corn header


disassembly and assembly is too troublesome.. You’ll know it after you use it.

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