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Can I eat coarse grains in vacuum packaging bags after a year’s shelf life?

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it’s better not to eat any more. Although it’s a vacuum bag, there’s no way to ensure its food safety after the shelf life. There may be some molds that can’t be seen and are harmful to the body, so don’t eat it

you can open the package and have a look. If it has been vacuum packed tightly and stored in the refrigerator, it can delay the speed of oxidation and may be edible
if you open the bag and there is an obvious hissing smell, it indicates that oil oxidation has occurred, so it is not recommended to eat.

the shelf life of coarse cereals depends on the storage method of coarse cereals. The shelf life varies according to the processing and packaging methods. For example, vacuum packaging, the shelf life can reach 12 months or even longer. Ordinary packaging may only be a few months. The shelf life of bulk cereals is relatively shorter.

first, check whether the vacuum packaging is inflated and leaking, whether there is mildew, and then smell whether there is peculiar smell. If there is no peculiar smell, it can be eaten


the expiration date is too long and the nutritional content has been reduced a lot. It is recommended not to eat it

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