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Brief introduction of carton computer proofing machine

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carton computer proofing machine is a kind of machine used by carton packaging factories to make carton samples before printing. Generally, when accepting samples from customers to manufacture cartons or design packaging boxes for products, manufacturers of carton products will first make one or several “white samples” and take them to customers for confirmation. Whether they are consistent with the samples processed by the incoming samples, or try to install the products, depending on the packaging effect, whether the structure is reasonable, and the protection of the products is not in place. If the customer confirms that the white sample is correct, the carton packaging factory will design the printing surface, mount several color surfaces with a digital inkjet printer (or film printing), and then make a “color sample” to send to the customer for confirmation. The main reason is that the customer confirms that the effect, position and text of the picture are incorrect. When making “white sample” and “color sample”, the packaging factory usually uses the proofing master to manually cut the tangent of the carton and make the broken line with the back of the cutter. The size of the sample is not accurate and exquisite. If the customer’s requirements are high or the number of samples is dozens, the packaging factory usually needs to make a sample beer board, and then put the beer on the beer machine to produce a “white sample” or “color sample”. Making a sample beer board is time-consuming and laborious. If customers need to modify the sample and make a new beer board, the proofing efficiency of the packaging factory can not meet the production rhythm of rapid proofing and rapid production of modern packaging
in view of this situation, carton computer proofing machine came into being. The computer proofing machine for cartons and cartons can complete the die cutting, indentation and forming of cartons and cartons (plastic products) through the cutting head and indentation head without beer board and die-cutting machine, saving a lot of beer board, die-cutting machine and labor cost; In addition, if you are not satisfied with the designed box shape, you can modify it at any time. After confirming that the products meet the customer’s requirements, you can carry out mass production, which is not only conducive to reducing production waste, but also help your salesman win customer orders and better serve customers

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