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Beijing food packaging bag manufacturer

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food packaging bag manufacturer of Hebei riji company
food packaging bags shall be [150] to make [3249] [6183] use food grade plastic film to produce composite packaging bags with more than two layers
according to the scope of application, food packaging bags can be divided into ordinary food packaging bags, vacuum food packaging bags, inflatable food packaging bags
boiled food packaging bags, boiled food packaging bags and functional food packaging bags.

Henan specializes in producing PP, PE, Po, PVC, EVA and opp. Compound bag, aluminum foil bag, vacuum bag, yin-yang bag, agrochemical packaging bag, high temperature steaming bag, dry food bag, snack food bag, candy bag, jelly bag, compound mask bag, agricultural seed packaging bag, and veterinary medicine packaging bag. br> And self-adhesive trademarks of various materials: automatic labeling of medical drum, sealing label, ticket of drum scenic spot, anti-counterfeiting label. Washing label, etc

Hello, we are a professional manufacturer of packaging bags. If you need detailed consultation and quotation, you can contact the phone in my user name.

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